Commercial Real Estate (CRE) marketing platforms, good or bad, are a necessity in our business. There are so many out there. Some are very expensive. Some are old and unreliable. Many simply shut down and fade away. So it can be very difficult to find the best one. We find ourselves being forced to use more than one to ensure that we get the coverage needed for our clients.

However, I have found one new platform that is exceptionally good, and better yet is free. That is The user interface is clean, modern and very user friendly. Former Apple engineers have been involved in its development and it shows. CREXi has approached the industry by addressing the frustrating fragmentation issues we face on daily basis. It has integrated email blasting, no need for Mail Chimp or Constant Contacts. It allows for LOIs to be directly sent to you. And, the best is that it allows for “Best and Final” offers for your listed properties. New features are being regularly added. I believe CREXi could be one of the best things to happen to our industry.

Rick Jr.